Expand Your Horizons

Loz's Holistic Drum Agency is a Global 1-1 drum teaching practice operating from Beyond the Heart of the Matrix. It caters for artists who wish to deepen their exploration of Modern Kit playing and the Language of Rhythm.

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All the subjects are approached conceptually, allowing the player to develop their own voice and apply the ideas to any style of music. In addition, everything is modular and specific focus programs can be designed for the individual.

Topics that are covered include: Extensive study of Rhythmic Vocabulary, Development of Technique utilizing Natural Movement, Prime Stickings, Time Surfing, Soloing, Reading Strategies, Melodic and Harmonic Motion, Polyrhythms, Complex Time Frames, World Rhythms, Improvisation over Chord Shapes and through Melodic Structures, Hearing Expansion, Playing Psychology, Skill Acquisition Theory.
And some more whacky concepts including: Stacked Rhythm, Stepping Stones, Organics, Phrase Velocity, Morphing, Elastic Rhythm, Chaotic Inertia and Musical Gravity.

If you have any questions or would like to book some remote lessons then contact me by e-mail: info@holisticdrumagency.com

"It's time to take a different path"

Loz :)